How Much Does It Cost to Build a Telehealth App Like Teladoc?
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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Telehealth App Like Teladoc?

It’s clear that telehealth apps, which offer easy access to medical services from a distance, are becoming indispensable.  Moreover, it helps to consult with a doctor effectively. As such, a lot of businesses are choosing to build a Telehealth App Like Teladoc. Refilling prescriptions, scheduling virtual appointments, and getting medical advice are all common uses for this program.

For this reason, developing a telemedicine app similar to Teladoc seems like a decent idea. Building such a type of application it is easy to provide the best services to the patients online.  In today’s time, every hospital has its own application to provide medical assistance to its patients anytime and anywhere. However, healthcare app development cost is the primary concern of the business.

In this broadcast, we will share detailed information about the cost of building an app like Teladoc, the features you have to include in the application and much other information you have to know. Let’s discuss the telehealth app development cost. 

Introduction of Teladoc Application 

Telehealth applications like Teladoc provide convenient and accessible virtual healthcare services and have revolutionized the healthcare industry. Since its 2002 introduction, the application has grown rapidly, and it now has over 50 million users globally. 

There is the highest demand for convenient, affordable and personalized healthcare applications. This application is committed to providing various services aligned with consultations with licensed physicians, prescription renewals and dermatology consultations. 

The app has long been recognized for offering chronic illness management and mental health therapy. The doctor provides patients with convenience, privacy, and cost savings through the greatest portion of the application, which also makes healthcare more accessible to individuals who live in underdeveloped areas. 

Henceforth, this is a great ideal to build healthcare app .The procedure is not simple, though, since it calls for a solid budget, among other things.  Therefore, you have to collect the information about the cost in advance to get ultimate solutions for your business.

Cost to Build a Telehealth App Like Teladoc

Cost to Build a Telehealth App Like Teladoc

Since this is the sole obstacle that businesses must overcome, they consider the cost estimate to develop a telehealth app similar to Teladoc. The complexity of the functionality, the tech stack you select, the UI/UX design, the developers’ location, and many other factors all affect how much it costs to construct a telehealth app. 

According to a rough estimate or general idea the telehealth app development cost range between $20,000 and $200,000. 

Type of application  Cost Estimation 
Basic $20,000-$50,000
Intermediate $50,000-$80,000
Advance $80,000-$200,000

However, the table is rough, so you have to explore the various factors that may influence the cost to build a telehealth app like Teladoc.

Factors That Affect the Cost to Build an App Like Teladoc

The price to develop a telehealth app such as Teladoc depends on numerous important criteria.  Every factor has its own impact on the app development functionality and user experience, which is why you have to consider every aspect that may affect the overall cost. 

1. App Complexity 

The app complexity may affect the telehealth app development cost. If you include extensive features such as secure messaging, video consulting, and electronic health record integration needs more time and money. You must spend less when there is less complication.  So, when deciding to build a telehealth app like Taladoc, you have to check the level of complexity. 

2. Design Requirements 

To build a telehealth app like Teladoc, you have to build the design. Without a doubt, improved usability, user pleasure, and engagement are all greatly influenced by design. The top-notch design requires a user interface, seamless navigation, and aesthetic layouts, necessitating a strategic approach and a proficient designer. For this, you have to pay a good amount to healthcare app development company compared to designing a basic UI/UX.

3. Development Team Location 

You must carefully weigh the cost-effectiveness of various regions because the development team’s location has a big influence on the cost of developing a Teladoc app. Taking into account the relative cost-effectiveness of various locations is crucial for effectively managing development expenses overall. 

Here, we mentioned a table of costs based on the different locations of the developers:

Region  Hourly Rate of Development 
UAE $40-$90
Dubai $35-$80
US $30-$90
Australia $35-$80
India $15-$40


4. Development Team’s Experience 

The experience of the development significantly impacts the overall cost to build a telehealth app like Teladoc. We are aware that the highly skilled team is proficient in healthcare app development and integrates complex features with ease. Once you hire dedicated developers for your project, you have to pay a higher cost compared to hiring novice developers.

However, the professional will ensure the quality of the project and provide the ultimate solutions that meet the business requirements and market standards. 

App Development Team  Hourly Rates 
Project Manager  $20-$40
Backend and frontend  $25-$32
Sr. mobile app developers $25-$30
UI/UX $20-$25
QA $20-$28

5. Third-Party Integrations 

It is clear that integrating third-party services and technologies, like EHR systems, payment gateways, and communication tools, is essential to the operation of telehealth apps. In addition to additional development work and perhaps license or subscription fees, integrating the external services is necessary.

If you want to integrate the application into a third-party app, you have to invest a good amount without compromising on the quality. In order to know how much you have to invest for third-party integration, you have to consult with professionals. 



6. Tech Stack 

The technology stack plays an important role in the success of the project, which is why this is an essential aspect of mobile app development cost,. Selecting cutting-edge technologies or adding sophisticated features like AI-powered symptom checks or live video conferencing capabilities increase development costs and need for specialist knowledge. 

7. Application Features 

Features are essential to an application; therefore, you must incorporate the required features in your application. Businesses should incorporate functionalities like appointment scheduling, secure chat, and real-time video consultations into their app. While these features will enhance the user experience, they increase the complexity, requiring additional resources and time for implementation.

In order to include the advanced features in your application, you have to pay a higher cost compared to including basic features. 

8. Compliance and Security Standards

Building a telehealth app like Teladoc can also be more expensive due to compliance and security requirements. As everyone knows, telehealth applications must adhere to strict security and regulatory requirements in order to safeguard patient information and meet HIPAA and other healthcare laws.

You can also integrate powerful data encryption, secure authentication procedures and tight access controls including complexity to the development approach and greater costs.

This is why you have to consider compliance and security standards to build a telehealth app like Teladoc. 

9. App Platform 

Application platforms can increase the cost. No matter whether iOS, Android or both significantly affect the overall cost of building a telehealth app like Teladoc. Once you decide to build an application for multiple platforms, there is the requirement of high resources and time. Furthermore, ensuring optimization and compatibility for every platform involved complexity and would require extra funding.

Key Advantages to Build telehealth Apps like Teladoc

Key Advantages to Build telehealth Apps like Teladoc

Millions of users are using the healthcare application to get the best solutions to improve their health and get instant solutions.The main benefits to build a telehealth  app like Teladoc are outlined here.  

  • No Requirement for Commutes and Long Waits 

We all are aware that telemedicine applications remove the requirement to commute to various healthcare setups such as laboratories, hospitals, diagnostic centres and even pharmacies. In simple terms, everything is available on handheld devices online.

Once we make an appointment offline, we have to wait for hours and stand in a long queue to consult with a physician, which is time-consuming. On the other hand, online applications make it easy to book appointments easily. So, it is beneficial to build the application by seeking the help of an Android app development company

  • Save Expenses 

Building a telehealth app like Teladoc saves time and money. It will help patients get a diagnosis and treatment without spending a fortune. This will make the medical services affordable.

Having an online application the users can consult directly with the physician on video or audio call and get the prescription online. Moreover, the doctors are able to keep track of your reports and past medical support.

  • More Efficient Appointments

With the help of the telehealth application, it is easy to make appointments more efficiently and conveniently. In the past, users had to wait for months or hours to make an appointment, but now they need to open the application and schedule an appointment. 

This is why it is beneficial to build a telehealth app like Teladoc. However, the procedure is not easy, so it is suggested to hire dedicated developers because they have the accurate skills and knowledge to build an app. 

  • Better Access to Healthcare

Patients using the telehealth program can choose from a wide range of options based on their needs. All users are worried about their family member’s health, which is why they are looking for the best to improve their condition. 

For this reason, in order to create a useful and user-friendly application for your company, you must hire mobile app developers. Professionals who possess years of expertise, knowledge, and passion can effortlessly turn a concept into reality. 

  • Access to Specialized Care 

Telehealth applications work beyond geographical boundaries, which is why patients have special access to remotely located healthcare setups. Millions of healthcare service providers have great popularity in specific medical fields, so patients have the option to choose one as per their demands and requirements. 

Therefore, it is beneficial to build a telehealth app like Teladoc. However, it is not an easy task to build an app on your own. In such a scenario, you have to work closely with an on-demand app development company that has a proven track record and great popularity for healthcare app development.

  • Best Social Stigma 

We all know many patients hesitate to visit specialists such as oncologists and gynaecologists. With the help of telehealth applications, professionals can consult with the physician instantly. The telehealth application is beneficial to your business. 

However, it is tough to build a functional application on your own. In such a case you have to consult with a mobile app maintenance company that helps you in building a functional telehealth application including rich features and functionalities. 

  • Shorter Hospital Stay

Another great advantage is that the hospital stay can be shortened with proper guidance and regimen followed and reminded via a software tool. This is why you have to build a telehealth app like Taladoc by seeking the help of professionals who are well-trained and experienced in converting an idea into an application.

The Last Note

After the pandemic, the requirement for the telehealth application became high. As a result, it is profitable to build a telehealth app like Teladoc for your business. But when it comes to build such an application, the first thing that comes to mind is the Teladoc app development cost.

If you are planning to build an app like Teladoc and are worried about the cost to build an app like Teladoc, the blog is helpful to you. Above we list out the cost and factors that may impact the overall cost.


1. What is the cost to build a Telehealth app like Teladoc?

The Teladoc app development cost may depend on several factors such as the features, technology you choose and many more things. In general, the cost may be $10,000-$80,000 or more based on client requirements. 

2. How can you help me to build a telehealth app?

We do research and analyze the data then implement the best design, technology and features to build a functional healthcare application. Our team always make sure that the application is working properly. 

3. Do you ensure the security of my application?

Of course, we believe in long-term relationships with our customers, which is why we ensure the data security of our client’s applications.